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The roots of our company can be traced back to a simple question: what would happen if experienced industry professionals started an operation based on fast, safe, and efficient construction and turnaround operations? How would a project manager, superintendent, and safety professional – with decades of combined experience working for the biggest oil and gas and petrochemical firms in the world between them – do things differently?

The answer turned into a vision for an oil and gas services company that would work safely and efficiently while eliminating unnecessary expenses. With that philosophy in place, Dynamic Specialty Piping Solutions was born.

Since our partnership was formed, the company has grown quickly. We have been invited to work on sites near our base in Houston, throughout Texas, and across North America. With each successful project completion we have grown our reputation for being reliable and easy to work with.

The firsthand experience we brought to our company taught us that it pays to hire the best, to do things the right way the first time, and to treat every job as if our future depended on it. We know that speed, quality, safety, and savings are the metrics you use to judge success, so we focus on those outcomes, too.

When you turn to Dynamic Specialty Piping Solutions, you aren’t just getting service from the best certified pipefitters, welders, and boilermakers in the business; you’re also getting support from a small team of committed owner-operators. That means lower overhead expenses, fast and direct communication with project teams, and immediate support when you need it most.

There just aren’t any substitutes for experience when you need fast turnarounds and a vendor you can count on. For the very best in oil and gas and petrochemical support, turn to the professionals at Dynamic Specialty Piping Solutions first.


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